Poetry in my Highschool Days

Note: All pictures featured in this post were sourced from the Internet. I do not own these pictures. Thank you.

Back in highschool, I was part of the Creative Writers’ Guild. This basically meant that a group of us met every week to write. We even produced a folio, a collection of our written work. I have a couple of copies still with me and going through it today, I realized that I didn’t have any of my work in it. Mainly because I worked better with prose and the book showcased poetry.

I never was a poetry girl but I’d like to try my hand in creating poems. So, using the artworks which served as inspiration for the poems back then, I wrote three poems which, had it been written years ago, could’ve been included in the folio.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek

That was our favorite game

The sweet autumn breeze against my face

Brings back memories

I hide, you seek, you hide, I seek

Over and over

Hide and Seek

It’s still our favorite game

I don’t know why we still do it

Maybe because we are so good at it

I hide my thoughts

You seek them out

You hide your feelings

I seek them out

And we are triumphant

When we reach the base

When you find my thoughts and I find your feelings

And the game starts all over again

This Town

I’ve never left this town

This town of old house, old trees, old traditions

My kin has never left this place

This place of cold feuds, cold summers, cold stares

Old, cold, no I have never left

This town, this place

But I want to


Sometimes I feel my mind go blank

White out, washed out

Like now….


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