Galveston Island: The ART in HeART

When I was a little girl, my mother used to go on business trips to Europe to market her small garment manufacturing company. Whenever she asked me what I wanted as a gift upon her return, I always asked for a sketchpad. My mother always recounts a story where, upon receiving said sketchpad, I asked her to bring me to Manila Bay so that I could sketch the sunset. Now, while whether or not I had the talent of an artist was debatable, I certainly had the heart of one.

So, imagine my excitement when I found out that Galveston had an Art Walk. An Art Walk is an event where different venues such as galleries, restaurants and even office buildings opens its doors to art worshippers in order to “promotes visual art and artists, offers alternative places to see and learn about art and hopes to bring newcomers, as well as welcome return visitors to the art community on the island.” (reference)

And it doesn’t hurt that most of these establishments offer free drinks (wine, punch, etc.) while you walk around and soak up ART. Check out the Ten Tips for ArtWalk Galveston from!


It had rained earlier that day and so 7:00PM in downtown Galveston wasn’t so bad. It was still humid but the clouds covered up the sun which made walking around more bearable. I had gotten Febbie to come with me (this is her first time going to Art Walk too) and we tried to get parking as close as we can to Postoffice Street and 22nd street, where majority of the galleries were.


My favorites were Rene Wiley Studio/Gallery and Vacation on Canvas which featured works by Robert A. Peterson. While Rene Wiley had plenty of gorgeous paintings, it was the fabric mosaics that caught my attention. Featuring landscape and architecture as themes, her fabric mosaics were meticulously done, vibrant and textured pieces.


Robert A. Peterson’s work confused my vision. His work is so insanely detailed, so precise, that at first, I thought I was looking at a photograph. I literally had to go up to the painting, and look at it up close, close enough to separate one brush stroke from another. It was only when my eyes made this distinction that my brain made the connection between the bigger picture and the paint that actually comprised it.


There were several smaller galleries which I wasn’t able to take a picture of because by this time, Febbie and I realized that we probably shouldn’t have been taking pictures to begin with (museum etiquette and all that blah.)

Another piece of art found along Postoffice Street is the murals. The newly painted murals can be found across the street from Mod Coffee House. Febbie and I had actually visited the murals at a different time to have our pictures taken.

Going to this art walk is waking my long dormant dream: to be able to create an art piece and sell it. I am not much of an artist and I have not done a lot of drawing since I was in college. In fact, the only art I dabble in nowadays are the doodles in my DIY planner. But I think, that while an artwork is about personal expression, it also is about interpersonal relation from one human being to another. With that, I leave you with a piece I made a long time ago using crayons as a medium, one that I hope to re-create using canvas and oil or acrylic paints. I hope you enjoy it.

Wanting to be set FREE.

Here’s me, traipsing all over Galveston:

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