Galveston Island: Brews Clues

“Do y’all have a flight?” I asked the bartender. It was Saturday, around 1:00pm, and Febbie and I braved the Texas plus island-y heat of Galveston to head over to Galveston Island Brewing. We planned to join the free brewery tour and have a beer. Yeah, no, that didn’t really push through. Upon arriving at the brewery, we stood kind of lost in the midst of all the beer-drinking customers. It was Febbie’s first time to go to a brewery and I wasn’t an expert. But I did know that breweries usually have flights, I can keep a tab open and ask the bartender for a beer that’s light and fruity. So, I stepped up to the plate and asked “Do y’all have a flight?”


 Of course, they did. The bartender gave us a piece of paper to write the four beers we wanted to try and we decided on the following brews: 1) Hefen-A, 2) Tiki Wheat, 3) Nightfall Porter and 4) Blue Ridge Amber Ale.


Oh my goodness, Tiki Wheat for the win! Tiki Wheat is the brewery’s flagship brew and is half wheat, half barley with coriander and honey sweetness. This beer is sold in six-packs all over Galveston. We were enjoying our flight when it was announced that the tour was starting. Yeah, no again. The tour was just outside the tap room but not in an airconditioned area. We stood there for about two minutes, listening to a man (who I assume is the owner) talk about the brewing process. Then Febbie quipped, “our beer won’t be cold anymore.” Well, that won’t do. We stood for another minute in the heat before quietly leaving the tour and making our way back to the tap room where blessed air-conditioning and our flight was waiting. We have priorities.


 I am not a beer drinker but I enjoyed the beer so much that we went off to order another flight (yes, it escalated quickly.) I don’t quite remember the other beers that we ordered but if you are a beer drinker, and even if you are not, and visiting Galvestion,  I suggest visiting this brewery at least once. It has the brewery tour, taproom, has a sandwich and chips selection and an outdoor dining/drinking area with a playground for the kids. The bartender even affirmed that our four brews selection above was a good way to get started.





Our thirst for beer quenched, we headed back into downtown to get some coffee. Febbie was worried drinking beer and coffee might do a number to our stomachs.

“Don’t they give coffee to people who have had a lot to drink?” I asked.

“That’s right!” she beamed. So, off we went to Mod Coffee House. Before we went to the coffee house, we took pictures of murals that were located just across the street. I’ll include that in a different blog piece about Galveston!


I ordered the Squirrel which is a mix of hazelnut, toffeenut, amaretto and vanilla. I also ordered their lemon bar. Febbie went for the raspberry mocha and cheesecake bar. And to make things even better, we saw our co-worker Becky who was also doing her own café hopping that day.


So, I found the Squirrel to be slightly sweet and pretty good to pair with the lemon bar which was tangy. The lemon bar’s crust was a little thick with not enough lemon… so, not the best lemon bar I’ve tasted but it will do. Also, I would not say that the Squirrel is already my go-to drink. I would have to go back to try the other coffees! The Honey Bee (vanilla and honey) or Milky Way (mocha and caramel) sound sinfully delicious!

While in the coffee shop, I picked up this flyer:


 Guess where I’m going next. =D


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