Galveston Island: Avenue B

I was able to rent a small room in a fellow Filipina’s house which was located in a quiet residential street close to UTMB and Port of Galveston. Looking at it, I live close to work AND the Galveston Historic Downtown. How awesome is that?

My new roommate Ate Esther and I were both off work one Saturday. We were both in our pajamas and both looking to waste Saturday away doing nothing at home. Which, truly is the best way to spend a Saturday (PJs + bed) but I figured, my time in Galveston is limited. I need to go through the effort of changing my pajamas into something more suitable for the public and head on out to the heat of southeast Texas and experience my new home. With grim determination, I showered and changed, recorded my first video log about my DIY planner (coming up with a blog piece on that soon!) and then headed out. And Ate Esther decided to come along for the ride!

First stop in my Galveston exploration: The Strand Historic District. According to Wikipedia, Avenue B, later known as Strand, thrived throughout the 19th century as it became the region’s main business center. It became the “Wall Street of the South.” It is now home to a multitude of curio shops, restaurants, and museums. In my little venture out and about, I mostly walked around soaked in the history off its hundred year old buildings. I love looking at architecture and the Strand delivers with its 19th century Victorian buildings, most of which are survivors of the catastrophic 1900 hurricane.


 This 5-block historic downtown district also boasts Instagram worthy spots. Unfortunately for me, I’m not very good at taking Instagram worthy pictures. But, whatever peanut butter *huffs*!

One of the places I specifically went to is La King’s Confectionary. It is a candy store that features 19th century candy recipes using traditional equipment. They make fresh saltwater taffy in the store! I would say that the place was filled with people having ice cream, candy and coffee but I wasn’t too keen on their prices! A chocolate ball thing costs nearly $4 and so does one scoop of ice cream, albeit it was an enormous one scoop. Since I got the ice cream, I decided not to get any chocolate or candy. So which mean, I will be going back. I mean it’s not like I buy their sweets everyday right? I can fork out $4 for one time, right? Right???

 We ended our little tour on Pier 21 which had a multitude of restaurants such as Olympia Grill, Willy G’s and Nonno Tony’s. Also found a sculpture, one of a couple around the city, showing a boy feeding seagulls. It is called “High Tide” sculpted by Charles Park which was installed in 1922. There’s an idea there: a blog piece about the sculptures around the city!


 This is a promising start for this blog series! I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and just exploring the little knick knacks around the Strand. And I can’t wait for my next adventure! To punctuate the feeling of excitement, here’s some words from Mark Twain:


Here’s me, traipsing all over Galveston:

Galveston Island: Blog Series Kickoff!

Galveston Island: Some Place Good




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