Galveston Island: Blog Series Kickoff!


I finally started writing again. Over and over, I have conditioned myself to update my blog and Instagram account but only to have something or the other get in the way. It is only when I moved to Galveston Texas two weeks ago for work did I finally say “You gotta start writing missy!”

The city of Galveston is about is about a 45-50 minute drive southeast of downtown Houston. It is an ISLAND, with a BEACH and I’m here during the SUMMER. Can you feel my excitement???

I have six months to explore Galveston (and maybe even Houston!) before my company decides to whisk me off to a different area. Galveston is a resort city with tons to stuff to see and do during the summer, and in any other season I would imagine. I had already spent two weekends catching up with school and organizing my stuff so I definitely need to come up with an itinerary and make sure I get to visit all the fun stuff here on the island.

 In relation to the proposed itinerary, I’ve decided to update my blog with a series, which I will call “Galveston Island” (creative isn’t it? *insert sarcasm*), which is pretty much  big and small blog pieces on my time here in Galveston.  In line with this, I will also update my Instagram account. Ahh, I can already smell ambition and productivity. Or maybe, that was just the smell of the sun and the beach.


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