The City with No Limits


“Today’s weather is great…” I overheard someone comment. I looked around and had to agree. I had postponed my first trip to the city of Houston and rescheduled it for today. I’m glad I did because the weather was not just great, it was amazing. With the sun shining, no clouds to be seen and the breeze at a definite cool-degrees, it fully cooperated with my plans and showered everyone else with happiness and family bonding.

Definitely some family bonding going on as the parking lot at Hermann park was a circus, and so were the parallel parking slots surrounding Discovery Green Park. Everyone in Houston, it seemed to me, wanted to stay outside to experience the kind of weather “we have been waiting for all year.”




I love traveling and while on my gig here in the US (read: work), I wanted to go to all touristy spots as much as I can. With Houston being an hour away (by I-10) from where I currently live, I definitely wanted to explore what it had to offer.

First up on my list was the Car Art Museum. While Houston has a well known Museum District, Car Art Museum was nowhere near it. It’s a small gallery, big enough to house 3 display cars and several other artworks which included paintings, woodwork and dioramas. It’s small enough to finish exploring before the hour ends but the best thing about this museum is that you can take all the pictures you want.





While I may never meet a US president in person (the same goes for the Beatles), I still got a picture with them. Found in an unlikely spot (a huge empty lot at a commercial area), huge busts for US presidents can be found. Other blogs showed pictures of a lot of busts but upon arrival, we only found Abe and George as well as the Beatles. Nonetheless, it was still awesome!





Perfect weather means park weather and Discovery Green does not disappoint. Right smack in the middle of the city, it boasted bronze sculptures, green grass to lie down on and different events.


DSCN5117 DSCN5120 DSCN5124 DSCN5126


I wanted to visit the Museum of Natural Science but it was already too late in the afternoon and the museum will close at 5PM. I was also getting a headache over parking that I no longer felt like going to The Galleria (read: mall.)

I visited the website and saw that there is a Korean Festival happening in the next few weeks. So, yeah, I’m off to Houston by then and will definitely come back for the Museum of Natural Science and The Galleria!





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