Today, I walked for hours under the scorching sun. Today, I endured commuting and paid my fees in the bank. Today, I had a lot of work to finish and by the time I was on my way home, I encountered unexpected traffic due to an accident. Today, I muttered and complained about all the challenges I had to go through just to finish my day.

It was then, in the comfort of my own home, that I realized that while I walked under the sun, I was able to bear its heat. While I had to commute, I arrived at my destination. I was able to pay my fees which meant I had money to spare. I had a lot of work to finish, which meant that I had a job. I might have encountered traffic due to an accident but at least I was not the one involved in the accident. I went through all the challenges of today and emerged healthy, whole and productive.

So tomorrow, when challenges once again assault me (as I’m sure they will), I will stand the heat, walk the talk, finish the job and go home happy, just like I did today.


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