Final Stretch


Note: The picture featured in this post was sourced from the Internet. I do not own this picture.

It is true what other people say – that things are always the hardest when you are in the final stretch of your journey. The final stretch is always the most difficult because this is the time when all your fears, doubts and stress reach fever pitch. This is the time your mind falters, your heart weakens and almost all the voices in your head is telling you to stop and go back to where you once were.

Almost all.

Because there is still that one little voice, one straining to be heard over the noise, the urges you to go on, regardless of fears, doubts and stress. It tells you that you’ll be okay, that you were right, that you must stand for the decision you made. It tells you that you are still in a journey, it hasn’t ended yet so you must move forward and persevere. It assures you that whatever the outcome, you’ll still emerge a winner because you’ll be better and stronger.

And it is that voice, you OWN true voice that you must listen to. And, believe in.


2 thoughts on “Final Stretch

  1. […] One of my goals in life is to be able to work in the US. In my profession (Physical Therapy), taking the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) is a requirement. I have been preparing for this test for a long time and when the day of reckoning came in April 2013, I prayed that I will pass. (Read my motivation reflection at Final Stretch.) […]

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