You Just Gotta Love Chick Flicks

Reboot to Refresh

Just gotta love chick flicks…maybe because I am one. Or maybe I’m more of a chicken.

Anyway, there’s always that one scene that I can’t forget. It might not be the most acclaimed in all of the movie, but hey, I’m the writer of this piece.

Ms. Congeniality – The hangar door opens. Out comes the army of federal hair stylists, manicurists and all other people that make you beautiful. The crowd parts and special agent Gracie Hart comes to view. FBI extraordinaire, more of a man than a woman. Sandra Bullock at her gorgeous best with a pale lavender minidress, matching heels, wind blown hair and a loaded gun.

A Walk to Remember – It was their first date. Landen and Jamie get out of the car, with the popular boy urging the geeky girl to hurry. He tells her to put one foot on one spot and the…

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