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Year 2012 has been very eventful for me. Perhaps not in the literal sense of attending numerous events but in regards to things going on in my head. I would truly encourage reflection because we get a clearer sense of who we are, what we want, where we want to be and when will it happen to us.

With this in mind, I’ve created a review of the things that truly made an impact on me this 2012. Because as all of you know, you can never reach your future, without knowing your past.

 Touchdown at the Land of Hallyu


One of things my Mama and I bond over is our love of Korean Drama and Korean pop music. And as a gift to her, Mama and I went on a trip to the Land of Hallyu, South Korea. This was the first time I’ve visited a different place with such cold weather (it was -1 degrees when we landed) and going to what I thought was a holy place, the Coffee Prince café. It was wonderful to see and be in the places we saw on TV and even more wonderful to see my Mama very happy.  What’s also interesting is that after we had our trip, a lot of my friends and colleagues started going to South Korea. I’m not saying that I had        anything to do with it but I think that the perception that A visit to South Korea was expensive was finally broken. As with any trip, careful planning is a must, and therefore, we were ready with expenses.


 Ready, Set, Spike

Image2012 was also the year I got reunited with the sport I love the most, Volleyball. I love it the most because it is the ONLY sport I can play decently. Volleyball has made me even closer to my friends in the office and it was stress reliever like no other. It was also good exercise, one that I miss given that we had to stop playing due to schedule conflicts. We also played in the sportsfest and it was great to see everyone happy, excited and pumped up to play.


 Of Marriage and Babies

ImageThis year I had several friends who got married, got engaged and gave birth to their children. What’s really funny is that while all my friends are talking about having a family and settling down, I was talking about finding that fantastic promo airfare, using my new camera and writing regularly in my blog. My age is just about to get past calendar days (if you know what I mean) but I still haven’t found that other person who will “complete me” (reference to Jerry Maguire, haha!) And while that worries me sometimes, my belief that God’s plans are grander than my own is stronger than that worry. That as long as I remain faithful to God, myself and the people I love, “Prince Charming” (charm levels may vary) will find his way to me. Or maybe, I might find him. Until then, I will enjoy all the blessings that come my way! =D

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

ImageI have been blessed to be part of such a dynamic company for seven years. And while this year piled on the STRESS (to the nth level, I actually started having headaches and bouts of depression), it was still humbling to be trusted so much. Responsibilities are many but the ability to touch and influence people is amazing and fulfilling. One example is the privilege of guiding and mentoring a group of people who had very high potential and may very well be future team leaders. And in so doing, I’ve learned more about myself, to let go of my procrastinating ways, how extending myself to many different things is not about spreading myself too thinly but allowing a new experience to commence.


The Impossible Dream

I have one last dream that I wanted to fulfil and I thought that 2012 was the year it will come true. I’ve made a decision to stop waiting around, procrastinating, and just do it and stood by it, bending enough to allow a few changes. For this dream, I braved the risk of fainting in the PNR, lessening my time to sleep, continuing my volunteer hours, reading till my eyes pop and constantly battling doubt, depression and fatigue. My dream didn’t come true in 2012 but this I have learned: rest if you must, but never quit.

So life goes on. My hope is that 2013 will be a year of new beginnings for me, hopefully in another part of the world. I wish to still travel more, experience new things and make new friends. And through all of this, I wish to be a stronger, more faithful and a more compassionate version of myself.

Wishing everyone new beginnings and fruitful endings!


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