Watching the Bourne Legacy


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I cannot truly say I am a huge fan of the Bourne series. Not for anything, but I only got to watch bits and piece of the first three films. I do understand, however, how good of a franchise it is and Matt Damon, in spite of the fact that he looks like a regular guy-next-door, did a great job in developing the Jason Bourne character.

It goes without saying that when word leaked out that the Bourne franchise will have be filming part of its fourth movie here in Manila, fans rejoiced. And later typically endured the traffic which resulted from main thoroughfares being closed for filming.

So after weeks of reading varying comments on Facebook regarding the finished product, I finally found the time to actually watch the movie and see for myself if all the hype was worth it.

Now able to give my 2 cents on the Bourne Legacy movie. Here goes (possible spoilers included):

ImageIt was action-packed and loud. Which leads to my next comment.


I couldn’t quite understand the plot. In my understanding, due to the complications of Jason Bourne going rogue, they’re now killing off other “enhanced” operatives. Learning that it is a completely original story (based only on the plot and characters of the series), I thought it left much to be desired. There were so many places the story could’ve gone to but didn’t. Instead, it ended in a boat with no clear indication of what will happen next. It screams of an Aaron Cross sequel with a tighter and more cohesive plot.


In spite of feedback that the movie showed the worse of Manila, I liked the scenes where Aaron Cross was running across shanty roofs. It made sense that the filmmakers choose “rough” terrain for the chase scenes. I was confused as to how in the world did they start the riding a motorcycle from Edsa Rotonda, heading straight into what looks like Quiapo (?), up through to Marikina (?) to end up in the blue waters of Palawan – huh? (LOL!) The best question about the entire chase scene is – how in were they able to do high powered, high speed motorcycle and car chases when Manila is perpetually in the throes of heavy traffic?

ImageSo, Lou Veloso and John Arcilla had to audition for their roles? Whyyy? Veloso was a boat owner who had ONE line while Arcilla was a security guard who unwittingly and mistakenly allowed the two main characters in a highly secured manufacturing facility. They could’ve placed Piolo Pascual or Coco Martin or even virtually unknown actors and it still wouldn’t have made a difference.


Rachel Weisz, in my opinion, gave the best performance from among the cast. She looked genuinely hysterical but still smart, out of her element but brave enough to scream “AARRROOONNN, RRRUUUNNNN!!!) I couldn’t quite get Edward Norton’s intentions and Jermy Renner didn’t seem to have enough emotion. Or may he did, but I didn’t make it out from all the quick paced dialogue delivery he did in the movie (I still love him though…)


I liked the fact that Aaron Cross and Martha Shearing did not miraculously fall in love. It was evident that Cross had a conscience and Shearing was dependent on him to survive. It possible for the love emotion to surface but not yet, not now. It’s good enough to show that they needed each other and looked like they will together for a long time due to all the forces hounding them.


Maybe I’m looking too much into this but really? Two Caucasian looking individuals look for a room in a small, dirty private house in the middle of the developing area and the landlady didn’t question this? Or, how about the screaming lady who cried out that an “Kana” was stealing stuff from her house? I didn’t know that the police motorcycles we had could actually go that fast.

ImageAlso, what was Aaron Cross doing in the middle of nowhere at the beginning of the movie? Was he simply training? Was he on assignment? Why didn’t other agents like him know anything or was at least curious of the reason Jason Bourne was doing what he was doing? The whole vibe seemed to me that Aaron Cross wasn’t the best. He was good but he wasn’t the best. And I’m kinda on the fence on that. Was it good to have a main character who wasn’t the best? Who had to demand to have the intelligence virus injected in him so that he can keep it together? Or, was it bad because it would seem that luck was on his side?


So in the end, well, I’m not sure the movie is at it’s end yet. It opened a new can of worms or new threads for another movie to be woven out of. I would like to see Jeremy Renner in his role again because I think the character still has much to develop into. And wouldn’t it be great if Aaron Cross actually finds Jason Bourne and joins him in his crusade?

While tag line of the character says “NO MORE”, I’d say “MORE TO COME.”


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