The one and only time I was published

I remember it like it were yesterday. I was attending an event for Christ’s Youth in Action when I was approached by members of the newsletter staff. They asked permission to print my poem Abstract Concretized in the newsletter. Obviously, I agreed and in the February 2004 Action Update newsletter, my poem was printed under the section My Heart’s Longing…Poems for God.

So, here it is, for your reading pleasure:

Note: This picture was sourced from the Internet. I do not own this picture. Thank you.


I used to look at God as this immense being.

Infinite. Eternal. He was the Spirit, the Light, the Way.

He was also abstract.

And I really did not understand abstract that much.

Until I encountered the abstract concept that God is everything.

And now, it’s so much easier to see Him.

He is concretized.

God is the Sucat-Bicutan-Express jeep, which took me home safely at the such a late hour.

God is the Eurax anti-itch lotion, which took my discomfort away.

God is my cellular phone, which always receives “I love you” messages from my mama.

God is the fluorescent light, which stayed on the entire night whenever I studied.

God is the Zenis-gel sign pen, which I used to write this piece I share with you now.

He is all these and so much more

And I thank God everyday for making my neurons understand this very simple but abstract idea…

He is everything.


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