Narrative and dialogue yet to see the light of day

Note: All pictures featured in this post were sourced from the Internet. I do not own this picture. Thank you.

I always have stories whirling around in my head. My favorites are fantasy/magic, romance and action. And while sometimes, most never materialize on a sheet of paper, I’ve already come up with narratives and dialogues that can be included in my potential books.

So, sharing some of them for your reading pleasure!

Evil himself appeared in all his wicked glory. Death was furious as she looked upon the creature who had ruined her. “Look at the harm you’ve caused me,” she cried. “A harm I shall give right back. For every innocent who suffers because of you, they will find peace in me. I will throw my cloak over their heads and you shall touch them no more.”

He was a pragmatic dreamer because despite the fact that sensual, he knew that the world around him is not made of the thin fabric of dreams. He was aware that outside the scenic quiet of the agricultural lands of his town, cities upon cities of objectivity can be found. Although all he wanted in his life was to be a fantastic painter, he had long decided to be an agricultural engineer and make sure that his family’s farm prosper and flourish.

My heart thudded painfully against my chest as what seemed to be electricity course through my arm the moment her hand touched mine. She must have felt it too because her eyes widened with surprise but her smile stayed the same.

The manor was near a cemetery. My uncle liked privacy and a property that bordered a cemetery gave exactly that. I didn’t mind living near a cemetery either. I liked the winding path to the manor, no traffic whatsoever. After a day of petty high school issues, the cemetery reminded me that there were other, more important things to worry about.

You are everything I didn’t expect to have. You came when I felt most alone, at a time I no longer had expectations. You are the surprise that God planned to give me the moment I stopped looking. You were laughter when I was sad, sunshine when it was raining. You were melody  even when things were noisy. My heart is filled with so much joy right now, it’s leaking through my eyes. And this is only the start because you will be mine, God’s gift to me. And my only prayer is that I will be a blessing to you as you have been a blessing to me. Forever. -a bride’s wedding vow-

He withdrew his measly savings, stashed it under his bed and crawled between the covers. And there he stayed for the past six months, rising only to eat stale crackers, drink vodka straight up and answer nature’s call. And when he woke up with a pounding headache, he was glad. He welcomed the pain because it somehow muted the pain in his chest.

Hopefully, next time I can post full chapters.


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